Troye Sivan



The 21 year old star, Troye Sivan Mellet, was born to Laurelle and Shaun Melle in Johannesburg, South Africa. Two years later they moved to Perth, Australia with his siblings Steele and Sage. His family expanded when his younger brother Tyde was born in Perth on February 15, 2000 and they adopted their dog, Jagga. His father was born Jewish and Troye was inspired by Michael Jackson to be a singer, and so he began to use the internet to post videos. He attended Carmel School until he needed to have a distance education because of an opportunity for his career. Before the start of his Youtube career, Troye was on an Australian singing competition show titled Star Search. He performed the song “There’s a Hero” and was a final contestant on the show but didn’t win. Troye Sivan also had roles in television and film that he juggled during his Youtube career. He had the role of Young James Howlett in the Wolverine X-Men Origins movie in 2009 and he had the lead role in the Spud trilogy. After the near-success in the talent competition, Troye began to upload his YouTube videos. He was 12 years old at the time but continued to post frequently on troyesivan18 until 2016. His channel slowly began a vlog channel and he became one of the top Youtubers. Soon after, he uploaded his most personal video; he confessed that he’s gay and that he’s very open about his sexuality. He had over 4 million subscribers in the YouTube community at the time and the video has over 7 million views. The day he posted the video was the three year anniversary from when he came out to his family and friends.


As mentioned before Troye started off very small on youtube and hahad some roles on TV and in Movies. Although he went into acting he was always focused on his music career. In 2014 Troye released his first song called "Happy Little Pill". After the release of this song Troye decided to also drop an EP. The name of the EP is "Trxye". His EP hahad gotten a lot of recognition and publicity. A couple yesrs later Troye decided to drop his first album. He had released " Blue Neighbourhood", his first full album. His album titled Blue Neighborhood reached No. 1 within hours on iTunes in ten countries, including the United States.As of January 2016 Blue Neighbourhood has sold 111,000 copies in The United States. To follow up the album, Troye released a triolgy of videos of songs from the album that portray his love story. Troye had been nominated for 8 different awards and won 5(2011-2015).